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Crafternoon Treats: Quick and Easy Flower Garland

Fancy adding a splash of colour to your home? Look no further than this fantastic tutorial with the lovely Crafternoon Treats!
Kathryn shows you how to create and put together your very own flower garland.
Flower garlands can be fussy with lots of components and complicated flower motifs. This one is designed to be simple to make, quick to put up and still has the WOW factor…


You’ll be making lots of simple 5-petal flowers in different colours then stringing them together using nylon invisible thread (also called monofilament or illusion cord). This transparent and flexible thread is strong and virtually invisible. You can hang as a traditional garland, or fix between two points to make the perfect decoration to go up a staircase, along an attic ceiling or along the front of a shelf.


  • A selection of brightly coloured DK yarn: I used Deramores Studio DK but a cotton or cotton acrylic mix would work well too.
    Crochet hook: I used three sizes - a 3mm, a 3.5mm and a 4mm. This gives flowers that vary in size, just like real flowers.
    • Scissors and a blunt needle to tidy the ends and a smaller, sharper needle to attach the flowers to the monofilament.
    • Nylon invisible thread, two small rings and white tack.
Stitches  Used
  • Slip stitch: Insert hook, yarn round hook, pull all the way through.
    • Half treble (htr): Yarn round hook, place hook through both loops of the next stitch, pull through leaving three loops on hook. Yarn round hook and pull through all three loops.
    • Treble (tr): Yarn round hook, place hook through both loops of the next stitch, pull through leaving three loops on hook. Yarn round hook and pull through next two loops. Yarn round hook and pull through final two loops.
    • Half double treble: Yarn around hook twice, place hook through both loops of the next stitch. Pull through leaving four loops on hook. Yarn round hook and pull through next two loops. Yarn round hook and pull through final three loops.
Making the Flowers
The Flower Centre

Round 1 is a simple circle made with half trebles around a ring of chains.
• Make 6 chains
• Join through to the first chain with a slip stitch to form a ring
• Make 2 chains then start working half treble stitches into the ring
• Then work 15 half trebles stitches in total, all into the ring


Join with a slip stitch. If you do this through the top of the first half treble stitch, rather than the top of the first chain stitches, you can achieve a neater ring.



The Flower Petals
These are all formed in round 2.
• To make the first petal, make two chains and then make one treble into the next stitch
• Into the next stitch make two half double trebles.
• Into the next stitch make a treble followed by a half treble followed by a slip stitch. This completes one petal.


Repeat another four times until you have five petals. Make a slip stitch into the base of the first stitch of the first petal, as shown by the needle below:



Cut your yarn and then weave in the two tail ends neatly so that the flowers look good from both sides.
Continue making flowers – once you get the hang of them they are really quick and will fly off your hook…


Putting the garland together


Gather your flowers, monofilament, a needle with an eye big enough for the monofilament, two small rings (I used rings from an old broken necklace) and a bead or pendant for the bottom of the garland if you want to hang it in a window.



Take a length of monofilament longer than you need by about a metre.
Tie one end onto one of the rings using a triple knot and pull tight.
Then thread the other end onto the needle and sew through each flower from top to bottom:




The monofilament is difficult to see so I have added arrows above left to show the point where the needle goes in and out. Weave it through the flower as shown. Add all the flowers in the same way.
Use the white tack to fix the ring to the wall at the point where you want to start hanging the garland. The flowers are fixed on so that they will not slide off but you can move them about on the monofilament.

Cut the monofilament thread to the correct length and tie the other end to the other ring.

You can place the rings over hooks or tacks, or fasten to the wall using the white tack so that you can move the garland around.
Then you can start playing…

The monofilament drapes well and the flowers stay in place and appear to float, even when you look closely.




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