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West Yorkshire Spinners Value Packs

This brand is already offering some of the most competitively priced yarns on the market – but we’re offering even more cost-effective options for our customers in the form of our popular West Yorkshire Spinners value packs!

Buy Your Favourite West Yorkshire Spinners Yarns in Bulk

Now here’s a manufacturer that is relentlessly committed to quality. Decades after the company originally began producing wools from its dedicated factory in Yorkshire, the strong, durable and uniquely worsted-spun materials on offer from West Yorkshire Spinners are still going down a storm with knitters and crocheters from all corners of the globe.

To cater for this high level of demand, we have made it possible for our Australian customers to buy their favourite West Yorkshire Spinners wools in bulk by introducing these handy value packs. Now, you can order bundle packs of six yarns or more in the blend and shade of your choice – and what’s more, you’re guaranteed to save at least 5% on every purchase when you buy from this collection.

With dozens of colours to choose from and plenty of fibres and weights to try, you’ll never be short of inspiration when you order our West Yorkshire Spinners wool value packs!